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Smash N' Grab Comics

In a world dominated by Marvel and DC, two shining beacons of hope appear. Each week JP and Tyler explore the independent comic books and bring you up-to-date commentary on books you should be reading.

Jul 31, 2018

Warning, in the first minute of the episode you will hear Tyler but only in the background. He forgot to plug his mic in! Once he does that, all audio issues are cleared up.

Lots of good books out this week! Its too late at night for me to list them all! Just listen to the episode and Be sure to subscribe!

Apology from Tyler

Jul 30, 2018

im truly sorry the podcast isn’t up yet. I will have it up late tomorrow night!


Jul 22, 2018

50 Episodes! Can you believe we've been schlepping this crap out for a year? We covered so many comic books this week that I completely forgot what they were! Be sure to download and be as surprised as us!

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Jul 16, 2018

"Its like candy for my earholes!" -Tyler's grandma.

On the show this week Tyler confuses Vin Diesel for the Rock. You should have seen his face!

These two dumbasses try not to bore you as they talk about their favorite comics. Robert Kirkman had two books out this week!

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Farmhand #1, Rat...