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Smash N' Grab Comics

In a world dominated by Marvel and DC, two shining beacons of hope appear. Each week JP and Tyler explore the independent comic books and bring you up-to-date commentary on books you should be reading.

Apr 29, 2018

Prentis Rollins is a veteran of the American comics industry, having contributed as inker to virtually every main character in the DC Universe (including 'DC: 1,000,000', 'JLA: Incarnations', and 'Green Lantern: Rebirth') as well as 'New X-Men' for Marvel.  He pencilled-and/or inked over 40 issues of 'Hardware' for Milestone Media in its first incarnation, and is the author of 'The Making of a Graphic Novel' (Watson-Guptill Books, 2005), and 'How to Draw Utopian and Dystopian Sci-fi' (The Monacelli Press, fall 2016).  He is one of the founders and editors of Monkeysuit Press, and contributed regularly to the Monkeysuit anthologies.  His sci-fi graphic novel ‘The Furnace’ will be published by Tor Books in July of 2018.

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